Who are we?

Founded in July 2008, GL BIOCONTROL is a company specialized in environmental risks management, with an expertise in sanitary engineering and biological monitoring of waters and surfaces.

Through those areas of expertise, GL BIOCONTROL:

  • Develops risk management tools (ATP-metry measurement allowing the quantification of total flora in waters and surfaces).
  • Uses methodologies and innovative tools to study the microbial world.
  • Studies the environment ecosystems in order to anticipate and prevent public health risks.
  • Advises the actors of the water sector to drive their facilities and to reduce public health risks and the ecological footprint (water, treatment products and energy conservation).

The corporate office is located in South of France. We operate in France and neighboring countries. Our clients are environmental professionals: manufacturers, water operators, maintenance companies, laboratories, research departments and public authorities.



Our products


DENDRIDIAG® is an ideal product line for real-time monitoring of industrial water networks (IW), sanitary water (SW), ultra-pure water (UPW), and surfaces (BF). The technology is based on the principle of bioluminescence that allows measuring the quantity of ATP in a defined sample.


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Thanks to this methodology, we offer flexible, sensitive and essential tools to control the microbiological quality of your entire water circuit. Practical, reliable and ultra-fast, the field method DENDRIDIAG allows you to quantify the total flora of industrial water at a low cost. GL BIOCONTROL also provides support throughout your use.



  • Sensitivity of the measurement (detection to less than 1 eq.bact./ml),
  • Volume of representative sample (from 10 to 1000 ml),
  • Quantitative method (units: pgATP/ml or eq.bact./ml),
  • Method accuracy, fidelity and robustness, with a known uncertainty mastered (+/- 0.15 log),
  • Calibration and validation of the enzymatic activity with internal control in each sample,
  • Speed of response (test performed within 2 min),
  • Broadband access in the field.


  • Understanding and improving microbiological growth control in the facilities,
  • Better control of health risks,
  • Optimal management of biocides and treatment products injection,
  • Cleaning effectiveness validation,
  • Cost saving: avoid downtime and optimize the manpower mobilization,
  • Reduce overall water consumption,
  • Economy of treatment products (up to 40%),
  • Improved environmental friendliness.


GLBIOCONTROL is currently looking for foreign distributors of its measuring equipment DENDRIDIAG, for all types of water circuit (IW, SW and UPW) and surfaces (BF).
If you are a professional interested to distribute our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

+ 33 (0)9 67 39 35 20 - contact@gl-biocontrol.com