→ This qPCR cycler was chosen by our research & development team for its excellent technical features and its attractive price. 

MIC is a real-time cycler able to amplify specific segments of Legionella DNA via the polymerase chain reaction. Equipped with a robust optical system that acquires two channels simultaneously, the PCR apparatus is compliant with the requirements of norm ISO 12869 for Legionella quantification. MIC uses a patented magnetic induction technology to heat your samples and fan forced air for cooling. This means fast qPCR results through rapid heating and cooling. 48 samples can be run simultaneously.

The next generation qPCR analysis software is user-friendly and packed with intelligent features which simplifies result analysis.

Advantages of MIC technology


very short qPCR cycles, 45 cycles possible in under 50 minutes


monitor in real-time two channels (FAM/HEX target/internal control)


with Bluetooth technology, multiple MIC can be operated from one workstation remotely


its very small size and its weight of only 2 kg considerably reduce bulk on the workbench and make it easily transportable


return on investment very fast
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