It is a complete FIELD KIT designed to RELIABLY and INSTANTANEOUSLY measure the quantity of BACTERIA in cooling towers.
The ATP test kit was conceived to meet your needs: ease of use, speed, reliability… serving as both a decision support and diagnostic tool.

ATP testing in video


A 2 minutes analysis!

1. Filter the sample
2. Extract the ATP
3. Quantify the ATP
4. Validate the analysis
A reliable analysis
  • Reprensentative sampling
  • Low detection limit
  • Elimination of free ATP and inhibitors
Extraction of bacterial ATP
  • Analysis of the whole sample
  • No dilution
  • High sensitivity
  • No time wasting
Measure in 10 seconds
  • Instantaneous analysis of your sample
  • Only intracellular ATP is measured
Test validation
  • Quantitative results
  • Consideration of environmental parameters
  • Avoid false negatives
Get the result in a second

The app helps you interpret the results to react immediately in case of microbiological deviation.


…the microbial quality of your water in real time to anticipate microbial shifts and avoid exceeding control limits.


…the critical points of your circuits producing biomass by using a sensitive and rapid analytical tool.


…quickly in case of problem. Take all appropriate measures such as corrective actions without delay.


…your cleaning and disinfection processes to save on treatment products and limit your environmental footprint.

Set up

Presentation and on-line demo
Identification of needs
Shipment of products
Scheduling of the training date

1 week



On-site or remote training
Identification of sampling points

1 month


Personalized support

Result analysis
Reassessment of the sampling points
Validation of the thresholds

1 year
(Continuous monitoring with ATP tests…)


Quality control

Verification of the device
Customer feedback


They trust us • They trust us • They trust us

They trust us • They trust us • They trust us

They trust us • They trust us • They trust us

They trust us • They trust us • They trust us

They trust us • They trust us • They trust us

They trust us • They trust us • They trust us

They trust us • They trust us • They trust us

They trust us • They trust us • They trust us

I have been using ATP tests for 4 years in our cooling towers. After one year of gradually integrating the technique, fully supported by the GL Biocontrol team, ATPmetry has become our main surveillance tool. Efficiently enabling me to anticipate microbiol shifts, it's rapid, easy to use, and perfectly adapted for field analysis. I also use it on domestic hot water networks to identify critical areas producing biomass. Equally it enables me to ensure the efficiency of the cleaning and disinfection process.

Pierre B.ENGIE – Risk assessment expert

I use the ATP test kit DENDRIDIAG to demonstrate the effectiveness of my biocidal products and cleaning and disinfection protocols. In some cases, I use it to easily improve my treatment strategies, which is reassuring to the clients. Also, this tool helps me to meet the regulatory requirements of cooling systems.

Laurence F.BWT – Sales department

The cooling system at ENERTHERM's power plant comprises 36 evaporative cooling towers with a total volume of 800m3. Situated in the heart of La Défense, effectively managing the Legionella risk has become a paramount concern for our teams. Employing a monitoring tool such as GL BIOCONTROL's ATP test kit ensures the utmost efficiency of our existing treatment strategy. It grants us peace of mind concerning daily microbiological risks.
Moreover, ATPmetry is also employed to assess our annual cleaning and disinfection procedure. It allows us to qualify and optimize each phase of the operation in real-time, including product concentration and contact time. This has enabled us to select effective molecules and tailor the concentration and contact time for each product.
· Decrease biocide and biodispersant consumption,
· Minimize downtime for the cooling installations,
· Reduce the time required for personnel involvement in cleaning and disinfection procedures."

Olivier R.QSE Manager at ENERTHERM