GL Biocontrol équipe
Clément FAYE, research engineer, has a PhD of biochemistry from the university Claude Bernard Lyon 1. He is in charge of the development of new analysis methods for water, surface and air monitoring. He also works toward continuous improvement of our products. Clement ensures technical follow-up for customers and guides you in the use of our different kits.
Célia FRANÇOIS has a Master Degree of biotechnology. As a development engineer, she works on development of molecular biology analysis tools. Celia performs the analyses in our laboratory and ensure technical follow-up. She will help you use our ATP-metry and bio-molecular kits via helpline or training in your premises.
Research and development is the area of expertise of Laurent GARRELLY, scientific director. With a PhD in cellular and molecular biology, Laurent has more than 15 years experience in the water analysis field. For 7 years, he was the scientific director of a water analysis laboratory (60 employees). He is in charge of the R&D and Analyses department of GL BIOCONTROL.
Graduated from the engineer school INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences), Célia MARTINEZ is a development engineer specialized in biochemistry. Her rigor, organisational skills and method give her the necessary qualities to work on various research projects; for example, the development of an ATP instrument for biomonitoring of the water circuit quality of the International Space Station (ISS).
The sales department of our products and services is managed by Yannick FOURNIER, sales manager. With a scientific background, Yannick was a technical sales representative for 22 years in a company that sold products and services for industrial water treatment. Do not hesitate to contact Yannick for any commercial request.
Key element for the proper functioning of the company, Anne-Marie URSINO is the accountant and administrative assistant. In cooperation with all her co-workers, Anne-Marie ensure a dynamic organisation of GL BIOCONTROL through various tasks: administrative and accounts management, legal watch…
The department of studies is lead by Nicolas FABRE, technical manager. With a Master degree in Pharmaceutical products & Health, Nicolas was a water microbiologist for 7 years in a water analysis laboratory. Based on his experience, he then developed GL BIOCONTROL. He first focused on training and technical support in relation to regulations for cooling tower managers. Now, Nicolas directly comes to your premises to provide his expertise.

Management Team & Skills

GL BIOCONTROL specializes in environmental risk management and has an expertise in sanitary engineering along with biological monitoring of water and surfaces.

Our clients are environment professionals: industrialists, industry operators, water treatment companies, laboratories, study design engineer and public authorities.

We have several skills including: studies on client’s facility, research and development, analysis, product development and professional training. We are expert in quantitative ATP-metry (bioluminescence) and in molecular biology (qPCR, microbial DNA extraction and purification, viruses retention…).

Commitments and foundations

Strong values such as commitment, excellence, reactivity and environment responsibility guide the development of GL BIOCONTROL.

Whatever the field of activity – studies, research & development, analysis, production or training – our priority is to ensure high quality work and the associated tools.

To do this, we specialized in the field of health engineering and microbial monitoring of water, surfaces and air. Thanks to this, our research office GL BIOCONTROL is today one of the most efficient in the French market.




Our company

GL BIOCONTROL specializes in environmental risk management and has an expertise in sanitary engineering along with biological monitoring of water and surfaces.

The company’s headquarters are located near Montpellier in the south of France. We intervene in France and in the surrounding countries.

Our clients are environment professionals: industrialists, industry operators, water treatment companies, laboratories, study design engineer and public authorities.

We have several skills including: studies, research and development, analysis, product development and professional training. Through these areas of expertise, GL BIOCONTROL:

  • Develops risk management tools (ATP-metry kits for total flora quantification, DNA extraction purification kits, real time PCR amplification kits, electropositive membranes for viruses…).
  • Uses methodologies and innovative tools to study the microbial world (qPCR, NGS, ATP-metry…).
  • Studies ecosystems to anticipate and prevent public health risks, in particular linked to Legionella and Pseudomonas genus (risk assessment, microbiology diagnostics, ATP cartography…).
  • Advises water sector professionals on how to manage their facilities in order to reduce public health risks as well as improve the environmental footprint (water, treatment products and energy conservation).
  • Trains environmental professionals on microbiological risk management and laboratory techniques.

Our goal is to offer high quality work, tools and training to our customers. To do so, we chose to invest in several partnerships as:

  • The University of Nîmes, which is a vocational university, developing part of its research on the topic of emerging and chronic health risks linked to the presence of chemical and/or biological agents in our environment. Through a multidisciplinary approach (sciences, law and human and social sciences…), the main focus is on the characterization and management of those risks.
  • The research center of the Ecole des Mines of Alès LGEI (Laboratory of Industrial Environmental Engineering) focuses its research on development of alternative techniques and procedures adapted to the industrial and societal needs. They work on the development of tools for characterization of the environment and prediction of evolution or risks, and also on the development of techniques for sewage treatment and for prevention of major incidents.
  • The LBE (Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology) of Narbonne on the topic “Engineering and Eco-evaluation of anaerobic digestion”. They implement and optimize microbial reactions from the kinetic and energetic angle, in order to develop processes of degradation of organic matter under economic and environmental constraints.

These collaborations enable the company to acquire know-how about new methods (NGS, biofilm study, bioluminescence, anti-microbial lysine polymers…). These modern and innovative tools are adapted to a field use.

GL BIOCONTROL thus became, in addition to a design office, one of the first field microbiology laboratories.


Nicolas FABRE and Laurent GARRELLY met in a laboratory that is one of the world leader in the analysis market of food products, pharmaceuticals and environment.

The several years of analysis of hydraulic networks gave them the opportunity to observe number of anomalies without being able to understand what was going on.

No company at the time seemed to offer its services to help these clients in their struggle against microbiological development in their water circuits. Therefore, Nicolas and Laurent decided to start on a new risky venture and founded GL BIOCONTROL in 2006.

Nicolas became the technical manager and Laurent the scientific leader.The first years are dedicated to studies on the client sites.

From this field experience, it appears that there is a need for a kit to anticipate microbiological developments in water circuits. Therefore, we studied the different methods of detection and quantification of microorganisms in water.

Our choice, as a distributor and a user, inclined towards a technology whose high reliability, low cost, rapidity and easiness to use, make it suitable for prevention of microbial shifts. This is the quantitative ATP-metry.

To cope with its continued expansion, our premises are transferred in 2013 to Clapiers, a town near MONTPELLIER, France. Clément FAYE, research engineer, becomes a stockholder of GL BIOCONTROL.

In 2014, GL BIOCONTROL expands its team and diversify its activity by the opening of a research and development department, as well as a laboratory analysis department.

By this way, our products benefit from continuous improvement of their performances. New analysis methods are continuously developed by our R&D team, new trainings are offered…

And many projects are under development…