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Specializing in water and surface monitoring, sanitary engineering and environmental risk management, GL Biocontrol’s expertise aids professionals in a wide and ever-increasing range of sectors. 

Located in the French Mediterranean city of Montpellier its proven technologies, both in France and internationally include:

These technologies can be used for a wide range of purposes. Some of those uses are listed below:

Cooling systems, drinking water systems, hot and cold water systems, surface treatment baths, swimming pools, balneology and spas, cleaning in place CIP, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, haemodialysis centres, micro-electronics industry, food industry, air supply systems…



Nicolas Fabre - GL BIOCONTROL

Nicolas Fabre

Clément Faye - GL BIOCONTROL

Clément Faye

Yannick Fournier - GL BIOCONTROL

Yannick Fournier
Sales manager

Célia Martinez - GL BIOCONTROL

Célia Martinez
Biochemist engineer

Anne-Marie Ursino - GL BIOCONTROL

Anne-Marie Ursino
Administrative assistant

Alexis Vandycke - GL BIOCONTROL

Alexis Vandycke
Process engineer

Alexandra Beltoise - GL BIOCONTROL

Alexandra Beltoise
Innovation project officer

David Perrault
Sales engineer


Strong values such as commitment, excellence, reactivity and environment responsibility guide the development of GL BIOCONTROL.

Whatever the field of activity – studies, research & development, analysis, production or training – our priority is to ensure high quality work and the associated tools.

To do this, we specialized in the field of health engineering and microbial monitoring of water, surfaces and air. Thanks to this, our research office GL BIOCONTROL is today one of the most efficient in the French market.