Simple, fast, high performance

VIRAPREP®, concentrates and elutes somatic coliphages and F-specific RNA bacteriophages from  your water samples.

VIRAPREP® meets the standard ISO EN 10705-3 and is compatible with 10705-1 and -2.

Drastically reduce the number of petri dishes used:
2 petri dishes instead of 20!
  • Save time: save on manpower
  • Save space: ten times less petri dishes in the incubator
  • Save money: less consumables and media culture
  • Somatic coliphages (e.g. PhiX174)
  • F-specific RNA bacteriophages (e.g. MS2)


High recovery yield

Excellent concentration and elution yields for any kind of water.

1 PFU / 100 ml

Limit of detection compliant with the European requirements.

Analysis volume

Analyse from 10 to 100 ml with the same kit (possibility to scale up to 1 litre).

Handling time

Significantly reduce the analysis time.


Proving the absence of these viruses in water ensures the treatment’s efficiency against all viruses.
Regulation Application field Target Threshold
Before treatment
After treatment
Directive EU 2020/2184 Water intended for human consumption Somatic coliphages < 50 PFU / 100 ml 0 / 100 ml
Regulation EU 2020/741 Reused water for agricultural irrigation F-specific RNA bacteriophages and/or somatic coliphages 6 LOG reduction*

*If a biological indicator is not present in sufficient quantity in raw waste water to achieve the log10 reduction, the absence of such biological indicator in reclaimed water shall mean that the validation requirements are complied with.


Kit content
  • 100 membranes 0.22 µm
  • 100 sterile tubes
  • 2 Binding Buffer bottles
  • 2 Elution Buffer bottles
  • Shelf life: 9 months
  • Storage of reagents: 2-8°C
Strain PhiX 174

The positive control for the analysis of somatic coliphages is available for sale. Further details here.

Strain MS2

The positive control for the analysis of F-specific RNA bacteriophages is available for sale. Further details here.

Expert on microbiological risk management in water for more than 10 years, GL BIOCONTROL will help you implement this method in your lab.


We have been using the VIRAPREP® kit routinely since the beginning of the year to concentrate somatic coliphages in water. Easy-to-use and fast, it meets our requirements in terms of efficiency. We now have the COFRAC accreditation for both direct and concentration methods for coliphage analysis.

Marion MimbielleTechnical manager - BIOFAQ

The LD31 EVA uses the VIRAPREP® kit to concentrate the F-specific RNA bacteriophages. We obtain high recovery yields between 77% and 94% for drinking water and between 72% and 89% bottled water. The VIRAPREP® kit is handy and easy-to-use.

Dolores MontielR&D and innovation manager - LD31 EVA