Membrane électropositive quantifiation virus
Enteroviruses are pathogens that can contaminate food matrix like water for instance and lead to nonconformity.

Among the viruses, adenoviruses, rotaviruses, noroviruses, HAV and HEV are the most sought-after. Monitoring of enteric viruses is a major economic and sanitary stake to secure water sources and better manage viral risks. Scientific literature and norms (e.g. ISO/TS 15216) recommend the use of electropositive membranes to concentrate viruses in order to reach high retention capacities.

GL BIOCONTROL developed a new type of electropositive membranes showing very high retention and recovery capacities of viruses from water samples.

→ ZETTA+ membranes are compatible with the requirements of the current norms (ISO/TS 15216). They are a perfect alternative to 3M filters.

Application fields

These membranes aim to concentrate enteric viruses from 0.1 to 10 liters of water samples. Analysis can be done by  PCR, real-time RT-PCR or by cultural methods. 


Electropositive membrane – Porosity 0.45 micron – Diameter 47 millimeters.


100 filters per box.

Technological advantages

Minimal pressure loss

for filtration of bottled water

Maximized retention

and recovery capacities of viruses

Characteristics compatible

with norms ISO/TS 15216
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