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Cooling water & industrial water

Regulations specify that microbiological quality of cooling system and industrial water must be controlled. To do so, they have to be checked regularly by an external laboratory (Legionella, Pseudomonas, E. coli …).  Between these official controls, it is essential to know the behaviour of the global microbiological charge.

Quantitative ATPmetry is an easy to use microbiological indicator giving immediate results. It is sensitive, reliable and pertinent.

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Drinking water and domestic hot water

With the recent implementation of Water Safety Plans (WSP), there is a need for innovative field-level tools. They must give real-time results to secure the drinking water quality. A field-level microbial indicator helps you visualize fluctuations in the water system and define the control limits. Quantitative ATP tests is ideally suited to meet these requirements because of its sensitivity, reliability and rapidity. 

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Surfaces & swimming pools

Surface bioburden and biofilm formation are a major concern for operators. It is essential to dispose of an easy and quick analysis method to validate and optimize your cleaning procedures in real time. To this end, we have optimized qualitative ATP-metry, widely used in the food industry, to offer a quantitative and sensitive tool.